How to Complete A Quote


We suggest you leave a note when you send an enquiry, and write down necessary information such as color, size, model and quantity you want clearly at the note, so that suppliers can give you an accurate quotation and answer your inquiries through enquiry notes.



1. Hello, I need size XXL, Can I get 20pcs in red, 20psc in white, 15pcs in black, 15pcs in purple?

2. Hi, can I get this router for 20USD for each if I order 100pcs



  • Click button on the top right corner.


  • Fill in your login email and password. Then click “ Sign In ” to login your account at


  • Click “ My Quotes ” to manage your quotes.


  • Select one of the quotes at Negotiating status. The status of quote will be updated from “Submitted” to “Negotiating” once suppliers have proceeded quote.


  • Go to Channel bar to select a shipping option.


  • If there are two shipping methods, you can select the one you prefer. Then, click “ Select ” . The shipping fee will be added to total order value and presented at right hand side.


  • After that, you can click the green button “ Place Order ” to finalize quote and your quote is completed. If you are not interested in the quotation any more, you can also click the red button to cancel your quote.


  • You can go to “Manage Orders” to review order status.