How to Use Live Chat


  • Click the button on the top right corner.


  • Fill in your login email and password. Then click “ Sign In ” to login your account at


  • Search for products in the text bar at the top of goAfrica’s page. E.g earphone


  • Identifies something of interest and click on “ View Details ” under that item. You will be redirected to product detail page to find more about product overview/description.


  • Click orange Chat ” button to chat with supplier.

  • Type message in the red box, then click “ Send ”.


  • Click “ Message Hub ” at dropdown of “My goAfrica”, you can find all suppliers you are chatting with.


  • Click the name of supplier, then you can go through conversation between you and that supplier (picture 2). New messages will be displayed as red number icons next to “My goAfrica” and senders.


  • You can also use live chat function at the page of order (picture 1) and quote (picture 2).