Certified Pre-owned iPhone

person capturing vegetable food using silver iPhone 6


Nigeria is the country with the largest number of mobile phones in Africa. Nigeria is also a large second-hand mobile phone market.Conditioned and certified second-hand phones also referred to as used phones are popular because they perform as new and are equally affordable. In the second-hand market of mobile phones, the most high-end mobile phone brand is probably Apple.

While everyone likes the iPhone, only very few can afford. Thus, reducing its market share. Even so, that hasn’t stopped people from embracing the iPhone.

Used to android? Have you ever thought about switching to a phone with a smoother operating system? Tired of using Tecno, Samsung, Huawei, do you want a new brand? Do you feel a little envious when you see your friends take out their iPhone and make phone calls at a party? Have you ever had a concern that you want an iPhone but can’t afford it? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out!

goAfrica.com has certified pre-owned iPhone and is legally licensed to ensure quality. Cheaper than the brand-new iPhone. The price could be more than half, and comes with a one year warranty!

GoAfrica.com features a wide range of iPhone models, such as iPhone6s, iPhone7, iPhone8, and iPhone X, to meet your needs.

Welcome to a world of iPhones through goAfrica.Com!