Top 3 Cars in Nigeria

About 20 years ago, there were not many established car brands in Nigeria. In addition to this, only a certain class of people were able to afford cars in Nigeria. Quite interestingly, overtime, a lot has changed. There are now lots of car brands in the Nigerian market with every individual that earns a decent income left with the opportunity to purchase a car. Due to the fact that every Nigerian now has hopes of getting a car, it will be great to know the available cars in Nigeria.



You do not need to be an expert at identifying cars to know that this car is the most used car by Nigerians. The Camry started gaining massive acceptance in the early 2000s. The incredibly large patronage of Toyota Camry cars is due to its fuel efficiency, the availability of its parts and the ease with which it can be fixed and maintained.



In Nigeria, it is the second most patronized car brand. The Corolla has a very attractive design in addition to being very easily maintained and fuel efficient.Due to the inability of a whole lot of Nigerians to afford brand new vehicles, the Corolla has won its way into the hearts of Nigerians. This is because of its second-hand value. As a result of this, brand new buyers of this car can always sell it off without really losing much.



It is not a surprise that this is next on the list, it is a Honda model that lots of Nigerians have fallen in love with. Honda Accord unarguably offers you value for your money with each purchase. Although this Honda model is not the most used car in Nigeria, it arguably enjoys more patronage in Northern Nigeria than the Toyota Camry. The Honda Accord appears to be in a healthy competition with Toyota Camry for the Nigerian market. have many automotives suppliers with high-quality products. Connect with us and get amazing deals.