Top Businesses in Nigeria

With high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, a lot of people are left without jobs. But if you are smart, you can start your own business. What’s the best business to start in Nigeria in 2019? In this article, we will take a look at the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria that anyone can start with.



Agriculture business is an evergreen business.It includes farming, breeding and animal husbandry. What makes this business so attractive is that there are lots of loans or financing products available for agriculture entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Hence you can get enough fund to start it. You can be a farmer, poultry farmer or cattle farmer and so on.



People will always eat! No matter how hard or tough the economy is, people can do nothing without food. You can open a local restaurant that appeals to a particular set of food eaters. Snacks making is another hot business with great opportunity in Nigeria, such as plantain chips, Coconut Chips, Potato chips, Chin-Chin and Popcorns to mention few.



You can also start a mini-import business and earn from importing items such as laptops, phones, computer and electronic gadgets and accessories, clothes, shoes, jewelries and any other hot selling products in Nigeria. have varieties of items with good quality and friend cost products, involving all walks of life. We look forward to connecting with you.